Promoting safety for life.

Daily meetings at CN Steel ensure proper implementation and ongoing enforcement of health and safety programs.

Safety Manual

The major elements of our Health and Safety Manual include:

Modified Duties Program

At Columbia National we consider no phase of our operations to be more important than the well being of our most valuable asset, our employees. When an employee suffers illness or injuries taht result in absence from the workplace, not only is the employee's personal life affected, but also the entire organization suffers as a result of the individual's inability to contribute.

To fasten a disabled employee's return to work, or to keep the employee on the job, CN Steel will make every attempt possible to provide meaningful modified work duties to assist in rehabilitation and restoration to normal, healthy and productive work duties.


It is the policy of CN Steel that special precautions be taken when using, handling, storing and disposing of hazardous chemicals. Both general and specific training are required for those workers who work with, or in close proximity to, hazardous chemicals. Fulfillin the requirements for chemicals as defined in the WHMIS regulations will ensure that all potential hazzards associated with the use, handling, storage and disposal of chemicals are identified, eliminated or minimized.